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TIS- Teaming Technology With Innovation...
In today's continually evolving business environment, it's nice to know that technology and innovation can work together. Technology Integration Services Group (TIS) has earned an excellent reputation for applying specialized problem-solving skills to a diverse range of clients and industries.

Our team of dedicated professionals strive to make your business more successful through the cost effective use of technology. At TIS, we offer a wide range of services to meet all of your technology needs.

Our Services Include:

Computer Systems Data Communications
Networking Internet Integration
Database Management Information Security
Voice Communications Audio & Video
Access Control and Monitoring Website Hosting

All this and more at the most competitive and cost-effective rates.

TIS News

Digital Dictation is now available in an affordable desktop solution that can integrate to a PC for a complete solution. Read more here.

At the bottom of this column you'll find a link to Stamps.com who provide a way for you to handle postage electronically right from your internet connection. You'll get an extra bonus for using this link to try their service.

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